We know the struggle is real sometimes… We all look for ways to make a little extra cash here and there. Sometimes our desperation gets the best of us and leads us into work from home groups on Facebook and other websites, or bait from friends and family that tell us they have just the thing to help us! Only to be stuck at a 1-3 hour meeting with them, with a guru trying to get us to buy into knives, lotions, potions, crypto markets, life insurance.. Okay okay, you get the point. So without further a due… Here is some free apps you can download and earn a little pocket change!


#1 Joyride app for IOS and Android

This app is a personal favorite of mine. It is for music heads of all genres. The app requires you to be 13 years of age or older in most states from what i have read and pays you using paypal.

How you get paid: It is a pool of cash prizes and runs a live show about 3-4 times a day. Asking questions about music genres, and questions of history. You get 9-12 questions multiple choice. The winners who make it to the end split the cash prize. When you have $20 or more you can cash out.


#2 iBotta app for IOS and Android

Why not get money back for your everyday purchases? The Ibotta app helps you save money while shopping. All you do is check the app before you head out to shop, travel, or dine out, and add those cash-back deals to your phone. When you’re finished shopping, simply snap a pic of your receipt within the app and Ibotta will award you with cash back. The app works with your favorite retailers, too, including Best Buy, Lowes, Safeway, eBay, and many more.


#3 Foap app for IOS and Android

Do you like taking pictures? Why not take a chance to try and sell some of them! Foap is a way to turn your photos directly into dollars. The app lets you upload your photo collection and sell it to well-known brands, including Bank of America, Air Asia, and Pepsi, among others. Foap also distributes your photos through partners like Getty Images, to help you sell even more photos. With Foap, you can upload as many photos as you want, and you’ll receive 50 percent of the commission every time you sell a photo. The feedback aspect of the app, which allows you to receive input from a growing international community of photographers, is just a plus.

Well these are my top three picks, I hope you like and enjoy them as much as i do to get some spare change on my free time. ENJOY and please share and spread this link!

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