Karatbars Fundraising & Charity Opportunities

A Lucrative Fundraising Opportunity

How a “Go For Gold”

Fundraiser Works

A “Go For Gold” Fundraiser is a lucrative fundraising system for churches, schools, athletic teams, boosters, houses of worship, charities, non-profit organizations and other deserving organizations. In this tough economic climate, it is becoming increasingly more difficult for worthy organizations, that rely on donations, to get by.

Karatbars International has a solution, by offering Automatic Monthly Gold Savings Plans. Imagine….the patrons of your fundraiser will be able to start protecting the value of their savings, hedging against devaluing paper money by diversifying into GOLD! Then, Karatbars International will do generous revenue sharing with the organization. (Avg. 20% of recurring monthly deposits!) 

You will be impressed with just how easy this fundraiser is and how lucrative it can be when promoted well. It is a real win- win situation as the supporters are happy with having their savings protected with gold and the organization makes money too!


Why Buy Gold?


GOLD is the best form of savings you can have because, as money it maintains its purchasing power over long periods of time. Compare, to the US Dollar which has lost 98% of its purchasing power in the last 100 years. 2,000 years ago when Christ walked the earth, in ancient Rome you could buy the finest toga, leather belt, and high-quality leather sandals all for 1oz of pure gold. In 1923, an ounce of gold was a little bit over $21, and for that amount you could still buy a tailored suit, leather belt, and high quality leather shoes.

Fast forward to today, an ounce of gold is over $1,200. So for an ounce of gold I can STILL purchase a tailored suit, leather belt, and high quality shoes. Fast forward to the 2014 marketplace… $21 couldn’t even buy a leather belt! This is why prudent people SAVE IN GOLD!

Another equally important positive is that demand is growing by leaps and bounds, especially in the emerging countries such as China, India and South Africa.

As hundreds of millions of people worldwide become more affluent, they’re buying gold.

International central banks have also become big buyers, further increasing demand. Rather than just holding cash in deteriorating dollars, they’re buying more gold for their reserves.

They see what’s happening on the world stage and they obviously don’t like it.

Gold  vs. Paper

Which would you rather save?
We can all agree that it is important to maintain long-term savings.
The question is: where should we put our savings?
In January 1971, if you had started saving $400 a month in your regular savings account then by January 2011 you would have almost $150,000 in your account
However, if you had been converting that sa
me $400 a month into gold from January
1971 to January 2011, then your gold
savings account would be worth over $1,000,000!
So which would you rather save?

Why Karatbars?

  1. Karatbars GOLD is produced at LBMA approved refineries.
  2. Karatbars offers privately-issued gold bars by the grams. Unlike government-issued coins, these cannot be confiscated. This means when you purchase them, you own them directly and outright. Many bullion coins are government-issued coins, meaning when you purchase them, you are only the bearer of, while the issuing government is the owner.
  3. All Karatbars gold has the smelter Assayer stamp, signifying the highest level of purity.
  4. Karatbars also has the rare ability to produce BRANDED GOLD cards for your organization. As example: if you are a religious institution, Karatbars can produce BRANDED GOLD cards for you, making them religious collectibles. This is an important point in that, gold and silver bars/coins of religious collectability, are legally non-confiscatable under U.N. resolutions. ( e.g. Pope John Paul II Karatbars issued by the Vatican)
  5. Karatbars gold savings plans are affordable and practical for the ordinary person.
  6. In principle there is NO ADMINISTRATION for the organization
  7. In principle there is NO COST to the organization
  8. Generous Profit Sharing

Make Your For-Profit, Non-Profit MORE PROFIT!

For those looking to get an extra edge on profitability they can choose to become a Karatbars Affiliate.

For affiliates of Karatbars International they introduced “The Affiliate Branding Card”.

It is designed to allow affiliates of Karatbars International more rewards with the use of branded cards, similar to the ones made for charities and fundraisers. Affiliates can pay a one-time fee for a full 12 months of placement on the Karatbars webpage.

Karatbars handles all the logistics, design and even some advertisement. Affiliates send them their layout and/or tell them more about their ideas and Karatbars will have the card designed according to your ideas and published on their website.

Karatbars will then:

  • Review and approval or rejection of the layout by Karatbars International
  • Design of one (1) card including 3 possible revisions through their graphic department
  • Announcement of the card via Facebook
  • Placement of the card in the Back Office under “Affiliate Branding Cards” for full 12/mo
  • Ship one (1) final version of the Affiliate Branding Card to the affiliate.
  • For each sold card, the publisher is paid out up-to € 10

Note: The sale of the card depends on the activities of the publishing Affiliate. Karatbars International assumes no responsibility.