Congratulations, this must mean you are interested in our journey. Below is a video walk through on how we get paid, along with spot price. huh? What is that? Continue below.

Please keep in mind, that karatbars is NOT mlm (multi level marketing) NOR a pyrimid scam.

Karatbars International offers everyone the opportunity to become an affiliate and earn money simply by recommending, without having to purchase products for resale previously and / or serving them to their end customers. This is the main reason why Karatbars International, NEVER BE RANKED AS A MULTI-LEVEL SALES COMPANY OR PYRAMIDAL COMPANY, since in MLM companies especially in businesses pyramid selling, the affiliate  almost ALWAYS purchases products for resale to third parties, this never happens in Karatbars. One thing to pay attention to in the videos is the difference between Karatbars structure, MLM companies run off a Pyramidal-Binary System. What that means is – it uses a two-three leg system, which is like a draw. If one side makes more profit then the other, that becomes the pay leg and the other side gets flushed from your earnings and goes back to the company. Problem is with multilevel marketing and binary is, in order to stay within legal areas of a non pyramid, binary plans must give compensation based upon legitimate sales versus giving compensation for recruiting other members alone. There must be a legitimate product or service being given by the company to be able to continue. To do this, those other companies require you to have MANDATORY auto ship of their product and/or a MONTHLY/ANNUAL service fees’ to stay active – which is how the person above you makes money and how they really sell the product, making you your own best customer. Because you are the one buying the product to stay active to keep your commissions. So the person above you makes money because everyone under them is in the same system. That means the only way you make money is by finding people to do the same. Sound all too famlilar? We all have relatives and friends with stock piles of unused lotions, potions and snake oil. Not a problem with Karatbars International, because all you are simply doing is converting a DEVALUED currency, to a safer, more stable form. With Karatbars, it is like any traditional business – get rewarded and paid off total volume of sales.

As a member of Karatbars International, you simply just provide your friends your affiliate page of Karatbars for them to create their free gold savings accounts as clients or affiliates, and they ALWAYS buy the products directly to Karatbars and the company is always responsible for the whole process billing and shipping products to them, you never have to touch the products of  your refferals.

Don’t you think it’s fantastic to win by doing something that has done a lifetime? recommend, and earn money for it, without exposing your money? This, together with the product, are the values greater than Karatbars International offers its members. And these are also the main reasons I recommend Karatbars International and not to any other company.

Is it a Pyramid ?

While pyramid schemes are illegal, the pyramid analogy fits any conventional business corporation: The owner makes the most money. The CEO makes more than the management, who make more than the assistant managers and supervisors, who in turn make more than the workers. In Karatbars, however, we have an inverted pyramid, because each member can make more than the people “above” him, and yet they won’t lose him through a “breakway” system. How much we earn is not dictated to us, but by us – the only limit is how hard we work and the business package we choose.


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How Easy Is Karatbars?

Spot Price Vs. Retail

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions about gold investing?
"Aren't there other places where gold is cheaper?"
Yes and No – Yes there are places gold is cheaper however – you must buy the gold in larger units. Best example is milk by the quart vs. gallon. Karatbars offers affordable grams with no minimum order on the cards and a FREE gold savings account. Ship whenever you like, but store it up to a year from it’s purchasing date as well. Most companies will charge a storage fee. Also the gold you get usually comes in a plastic case, if you ever needed to exchange it back for fiat currency, you will need to re-authenticate to prove your gold is real and non tampered. Karatbars offers the highest security features in the world on their gold cards so very rare chance it would need to be re-authenticated to prove its weight class and purity. (which can run anywhere from $20-$80 to do on avg.)
"I typed in gold price on the internet and karatbars looks a little bit more expensive why is that?"
Please see the video on spot price. When people usually google gold prices they get the “spot-price”. Karatbars is very competitive with their pricing. (trending flux. usually anywhere between the difference of 15-25 euro)  You are not only paying for the gold, but the some of the highest security features on the market to provide weight class and purity security. I.M.O. the same price you pay up-front for a karatbar, you would spend the same if not more trying to re-authenticate other gold bullion to re-sell or exchange currencies.
"How long is my affiliate package good for and can i change my affiliate level later on?"

As of the time of this posting, whichever affiliate package you pick is a one time fee, and it is good for life.

Absolutely! you can change the equity of your affiliate level anytime you’d like and move up to the next tier. You cannot downsize(why would you even want to!?)

It is one of the most fair systems around.