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We are Karatbars Affiliates.

Karatbars International has thrived and is currently embraced by 123 countries world wide, as a reputable supplier of 999.9, 24 Karat currency grade gold buillion. Karatbars is regulated by both the LBMA (London Bullion Manufacturing Association) and World Trade Organization.

 Click the video on the right to see a brief introduction and see why protecting your wealth with gold is so important.


Our California Karatbars- Affiliate team members are growing throughout Orange County, San Diego, Los Angeles and Temecula we are the heart and soul of team Luxury79au


Our close Karatbars-Affiliate team members in Temecula, CA have been able to branch out across the boarder and reach into the heart of Mexico, expanding knowledge of protecting prosperity in the hispanic community.


As our Filipino-American Karatbars-Affiliate team members grows larger, we have been expanding not only in the United States but our team has gone across oceans to a lot of metropolitan areas of the P.I. Come say, “Kamusta Ka”


Coming from Dutch-Indonesian descent myself, we are currently working on expansion in the Netherlands A.K.A. Holland as well, in hopes, of making our team reach our other Karatbars Family Affiliates into Germany.