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Karatbars International has thrived and is currently embraced by 123 countries world wide, as a reputable supplier of 999.9, 24 Karat currency grade gold buillion. Karatbars is regulated by both the LBMA (London Bullion Manufacturing Association) and World Trade Organization.

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GOLD is the best form of savings you can have because, as money it maintains its purchasing power over long periods of time. Compare, to the US Dollar which has lost 98% of its purchasing power in the last 100 years. 2,000 years ago when Christ walked the earth, in ancient Rome you could buy the finest toga, leather belt, and high-quality leather sandals all for 1oz of pure gold. In 1923, an ounce of gold was a little bit over $21, and for that amount you could still buy a tailored suit, leather belt, and high quality leather shoes.

Fast forward to today, an ounce of gold is over $1,200. So for an ounce of gold I can STILL purchase a tailored suit, leather belt, and high quality shoes. Fast forward to the 2014 marketplace… $21 couldn’t even buy a leather belt! This is why prudent people SAVE IN GOLD!

Another equally important positive is that demand is growing by leaps and bounds, especially in the emerging countries such as China, India and South Africa.

As hundreds of millions of people worldwide become more affluent, they’re buying gold.

International central banks have also become big buyers, further increasing demand. Rather than just holding cash in deteriorating dollars, they’re buying more gold for their reserves.

They see what’s happening on the world stage and they obviously don’t like it.

Is it a Pyramid / MLM (Multi-Level Marketing)?

Please keep in mind, that karatbars is NOT mlm (multi level marketing) NOR a pyrimid scam.

Karatbars is not MLM and is registered as E-Commerce. (See Learn More section for more information). 

While pyramid schemes are illegal, the pyramid analogy fits any conventional business corporation: The owner makes the most money. The CEO makes more than the management, who make more than the assistant managers and supervisors, who in turn make more than the workers. In Karatbars, however, we have an inverted pyramid, because each member can make more than the people “above” him, and yet they won’t lose him through a “breakway” system. How much we earn is not dictated to us, but by us – the only limit is how hard we work and the business package we choose(Which is optional). 

Our Team


Our California Karatbars- Affiliate team members are growing throughout Orange County, San Diego, Los Angeles and Temecula we are the heart and soul of team Luxury79au


Our close Karatbars-Affiliate team members in Temecula, CA have been able to branch out across the boarder and reach into the heart of Mexico, expanding knowledge of protecting prosperity in the hispanic community.


As our Filipino-American Karatbars-Affiliate team members grows larger, we have been expanding not only in the United States but our team has gone across oceans to a lot of metropolitan areas of the P.I. Come say, “Kamusta Ka”


Coming from Dutch-Indonesian descent myself, we are currently working on expansion in the Netherlands A.K.A. Holland as well, in hopes, of making our team reach our other Karatbars Family Affiliates into Germany.